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Every baby deserves to celebrate his or her first birthday.

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The following are resources to assist you with receiving the health insurance coverage you need:

Healthy Pregnancy & Baby Care

Benefits of Prenatal Care

Black mom prenatal care

Prenatal care is the health care you get while you are pregnant. To increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy, healthy delivery and healthy baby, be sure to:
  • Get early prenatal care. If you know you’re pregnant, or think you might be, schedule a visit to your doctor
  • Get regular prenatal care. Your doctor will schedule you for many checkups over the course of your pregnancy. Don’t miss any — they are all important.

The benefits of receiving prenatal care are many:
  • Prenatal visits will identify any potential health concerns, which can be treated when caught early
  • Your doctor will provide specific information about things you should or should not eat during pregnancy
  • Prenatal visits will help you track your baby’s development and how well he or she is doing
  • You will learn about labor and delivery and understand procedures
  • Early and regular prenatal visits help you and your baby have the care needed to help you deliver a healthy, full-term baby
  • Your doctor can share information on important health issues, such as diet and nutrition, exercise, immunizations, weight gain, and more
  • You will learn about nutrition for your newborn, the benefits of breastfeeding, and injury and illness prevention, as well as monitor for health-compromising conditions

Prenatal visits will help you prepare for the new emotional challenges of caring for your baby.

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Importance of Breastfeeding

Black mom breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an important step in giving our babies a healthy start in life. And it’s estimated that more than 900 infant lives per year may be saved in the United States if 90% of mothers exclusively breastfed for 6 months.

Breast milk helps reduce the risk of illness, asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, obesity, and childhood cancers; and helps develop the brain and nervous system. It also benefits the mother. Moms that breastfeed have reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancers, type 2 diabetes, and postpartum depression.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends providing breast milk only for the first six months of a baby’s life, then gradually adding solid foods while continuing breastfeeding until the baby’s first birthday. After that, breastfeeding can be continued, and while it is the mother’s choice – any amount of breast milk is encouraged.

To help moms to begin and continue exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, it’s recommended that they:
  • Start breastfeeding within the first hour of life
  • Give baby no food or drink other than breast milk, unless there is a medical need
  • Sleep in the same room as the baby, but not on the same bed, couch or chair
  • Breastfeed on demand - that is as often as the baby wants, day or night
  • Give no bottles or pacifiers

More Resources for New Moms

ABC's of Safe Sleep

On average a baby dies every other week in our community due to unsafe sleep practices.

Sleep-related deaths are a leading cause of death for babies who are one month to one year and a major reason for Franklin County’s high infant mortality rate. Too many babies die in unsafe sleep environments, and many of these deaths are preventable.

Please follow the ABCs of safe sleep:
  • A - ALONE: Babies should always sleep alone and in an empty crib.
  • B - BACK: Babies should always sleep on their backs because they are less likely to choke than babies who sleep on their stomachs.
  • C - CRIB: An empty crib, with a firm mattress and fitted sheet is safest.

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New Baby Checklist

New Baby Checklist

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