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Request the type of doctors you need through our simple online form. Our network of black doctors ranges from primary care to specialists located in Columbus, OH including:

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Columbus Public Health and Black Doctors

Columbus Public Health

Protecting Health and Improving Lives

Working together to increase the awareness of public health needs to improve the lives of those in our communities

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Featured Healthcare Partners

Cole-Williams Coaching &  Consulting LLC

Physician, Life & Wellness Coaching, Work-Life Balance, Pain & Stress Reduction

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Green Harvest Health

Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Registration with Educational/Coaching Sessions

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Healthy Children, Healthy Weights

Healthy Active Kids

How can you keep your child active and eating a healthier diet?

Nothing's more important than the health of our children and we could always use more tips on how we can keep them active and get them to eat healthier foods. Check out some resources that could help you with some fresh ideas.

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Black Patients Racial Bias

Doctors and Racial Bias: Still a Long Way to Go

A lot of research shows that African-American patients are treated differently than white patients when it comes to cardiovascular procedures.

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